Which Eyelash Tape is the best?

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Which Eyelash Tape is the best?

There are a few different lash tapes on the market, we may not be able to state the best, but for sure we can help chose the right one for a particular task. 

In eyelash extensions application we mainly use lash tapes:

  • To cover lower lashes, so there are only top lid lashes on display.
  • To lift up the skin, for easier access and visibility of the lash line.
  • To hold eye pads in place, we don’t like things to move while we’re busy creating our eyelash masterpieces.
  • To stretch out those tricky inner corners on those occasions, when they hide away and we can not reach them.

At I AM Lash PRO we have a nice selection of lash tapes and here are pros and cons of each to help you choose.

  • Kind Silicone Tape. The kindest tape on the market. Your clients will love you forever, because this lash tape is special and is absolutely pain free when removed. Best used to cover lower natural lashes over the eye pads, it can actually be used directly to tape down natural lashes, that’s how amazingly soft the removal is. Although silicone tape is incredibly kind to the skin it is still very sticky and can be used to tape up the skin or gently lift the lash line for and easier application. MUST HAVE tape!

  • Microfoam Tape. This medical grade latex free tape is flexible, gentle and highly comfortable for clients. Not a fan of eye pads? Well this is a good replacement for them. It is much wider and thicker than the other eyelash tapes, which is perfect for resting isolation tweezer and the width is perfect for eyelash mapping. Its elasticity is great to place and adjust it around the lower lash line, you may need to cut it at times to make it fit better, depending on the shape and the size of the clients eyes. Great stickiness  means it can be repositioned few times. 
  • Flexi Nichiban Tape. The best tape to use to tape down the lower lashes on top of the eye pads. This eyelash tape is the whitest one, great for visibility of natural lashes plus the surface is lint free and very smooth. Flexi tape is breathable, gentle and not too sticky for easy and comfortable removal. Perfect tape for closed eye pictures, makes eyelash extensions stand out. 
  • Transpore Tape. The sticky one! Best used for stretching techniques such as inner corner stretch for better reach of those tricky inner corner lashes. It holds well, not recommend to use to cover natural lashes or for taping upper eyelid, it is not kind enough for that.
  • Micropore Tape. Medical tape that doesn’t cause allergies. Micropore tape is most familiar among the eyelash technicians, it can be used to cover lower lashes that escaped from underneath the eyepatch or to tape up the upper eyelid. Although it can be used for multiple tasks during eyelash extensions application, its not as gentle and sticky as kind silicone tape. And its not as flexible and smooth as flexi tape. Still very handy to have all round tape. 

No matter if you like to cover, lift or stretch here at I AM Lash we have you covered. Explore our range of eyelash tapes HERE


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