Our Story

Our Story

I AM Lash PRO a must-have range.

As Featured in The Salon Magazine UK.

I AM Lash was founded in 2019 by the experienced, multiple award winning, and accredited trainer Arune Mooney. As suppliers of professional lash products and high-quality training, Arune shares the details of the brand below. 


Fell in love with the whole concept of eyelash extensions from the very beginning.

It all started about eight years ago. I wasn’t doing anything particularly constructive on the employment front. I had read in various fashion publications and online, about the relatively new phenomenon of semi-permanent eyelashes, and their increasing popularity. I decided to look into it further and attended a brief training course and immediately fell in love with the whole concept.
I am a perfectionist and this is why I was able to create beautiful lash extensions, almost from the very beginning.
I started doing the lashes of a few friends and then friends of friends, and word soon got around that a new Lash Queen had arrived on the scene and that her creations were spectacular. My client list grew and kept growing, so I set up a dedicated studio in the house. From this small studio, I would later go on to form I AM Lash PRO, and now operate from our own headquarters in West Wales.
In the interim, to enhance my reputation, I decided to enter some competitions. I set off for my first competition in Glasgow, and returned home as Classic Category World Champion from Paris, which was a life changing experience, and I then progressed to judging at several lash events.


I AM Lash Principals. 

Even though the research for the top quality product has started, it was at these events, socialising with likeminded people, discussing various products
and how good or bad they were, how improvements could be made, that it occurred to me that I would need to elevate myself from lash queen to Brand Bombshell.
As I mentioned, I am a perfectionist and would form my brand on three principles: Quality, it has to be quality every time. Innovation, that is being user friendly. I had tried many different types of lashes, and lash products, and found that although the products were decent quality, they were sometimes not user friendly, so this was a must for me, I have improvised our products to be very user friendly to assist the lash artist in producing quality work with minimum obstruction, thus saving time and money. The other principle is customer service. Dealing with problems swiftly and correctly, replying to queries quickly and efficiently must be a priority for any business. It is adhering strictly to these three principles, that makes I AM Lash stand out from other brands.


Why Choose I AM Lash?

I have spent years seeking out the best, products that work with you rather than against, I have tested them all myself with a help with other amazing eyelash specialists to make sure we bring out the best quality to eyelash artists around the world.
We have a wide range of vegan cruelty free eyelash products available
to satisfy all your lash artist needs, they can be found on our website Iamlashpro.com. We can also be found on most social media platforms including Instagram.
Our goal for the future is to keep growing the brand and to keep supplying great quality products at affordable prices, maintain our excellent customer service and importantly, continue adapting a ‘green policy’ where all of our products and packaging are recyclable.
I appreciate that we all have our ‘go to’ brands, the ones we always use, but sometimes it’s good to try something new. If you are looking for good quality products, that are affordable and user friendly, with great customer service perhaps you should check us out.


Arune ♥️