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I AM Lash Story


Arune Mooney discovered her love for eyelash extensions back in 2014. As a mum of two who needed a job with flexible hours, she decided that her own business, as an eyelash technician, was the way forward.

Arune is a perfectionist, and after a period of less than impressive training, spent the first year, day after day practicing her skills. Eventually, the hours of hard work did pay off. Her home based little business has absolutely flourished. Within a couple of years, the venture has grown from having a handful of clients to a couple of hundred clients.

Her competitive nature naturally makes her always want to be the best at what she does. This, along with a fastidious eye for detail ensures that her clients always receive the best quality service. Not one to be satisfied with the already amazing set of skills she has, she continuously improves her talent by mastering the skills herself and by training with the worlds most talented Lash Masters.

She opened I AM Lash Academy at the beginning of 2019, and now as an educator herself is proud to pass on her experiences and knowledge to others.

As her passion for the beauty industry and eyelash extensions grew, so did the need to search for the best quality products, and so the I AM Lash luxury brand was founded, which is proudly growing each day.

“As a full time, highly trained and experienced eyelash stylist, I can say that my products help create beautiful masterpieces and help clients maintain luxurious, healthy lashes. I sincerely hope that my products will help my fellow professionals deliver the highest quality Lash treatments.”

Currently ranked number one Classic Specialist in the World according to Les Victoires du Regard rankings, World Champion 2019. These are amazing achievements, given that she didn’t enter her first competition until Lash Battle in Glasgow August 2018, where she took two first places in expert category. 1st place 3/4D Volume category and 1st place in Classic lashes, which was the highest score of the whole competition.

The success didn’t stop there.

- 1st in 3/4D Strictly Come Lashes Championship
- 1st place 2D Volume Universe Lash and Brow Competition
- 1st place in 3D Volume Universe Lash and Brow Competition
Four special awards from the judges for the best work at Universe Lash and Brow Competition.
- 1st 3/4D Volume Artistic Lash League 2019
- 1st Classic Lashes Simetria Lash Match 2019, also a Special Award for the best work from one judge.
- 1st Queen Look Simetria Lash Match 2019.

Fantastic achievements as listed above got Arune the recognition for her incredible work and she has proudly become an International judge for various eyelash competitions and championships.

She is at the top in her chosen profession, and her philosophy is that this is not a job, it’s a lifestyle, and to be at the top, you have to love it, live it and breathe it.