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Master Eyelash Trainer. Eyelash Extensions Training Courses Wales

Arune Mooney, focused, professional, perfectionist. 

She began her career in 2014, has trained, and continues to train with some of the most talented Eyelash Masters around the World, constantly improving her skills. She opened the I AM Lash Academy back in 2019, and now as an educator herself is proud to pass on her experience and knowledge to others.

World Champion in Classic Category 2019 Victoires Du Regard. These are amazing achievements, given that she didn’t enter her first competition until Lash Battle in Glasgow August 2018, where she took two first places in expert category. 1st place 3/4D Volume category and 1st place in Classic lashes, which was the highest score of the whole competition.
The success didn’t stop there.
1st in 3/4D Strictly Come Lashes Championship
1st place 2D Volume Universe Lash and Brow Competition
1st place in 3D Volume Universe Lash and Brow Competition
Four specialawards from the judges for the best work at Universe Lash and BrowCompetition.

1st 3/4D Volume Artistic Lash League 2019

1st Classic Lashes Simetria Lash Match 2019, also a Special Award for the best work from one of the judges judge.
1st Queen Look Simetria Lash Match 2019.

In addition, she is extremely proud to have been invited to judge in several prestigious competitions and speak at many conferences.

She is at the top in her chosen profession, and her philosophy is that this is not a job, it's a lifestyle, and to be at the top, you have to love it, live it and breathe it.

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Aiste Milisauskaite award winning Lash Artist and I AM Lash PRO trainer in Leeds, United Kingdom. 

Aiste hasbeen in lash industry for over 6 years. She has completed multiple lash courses and workshops from the best Lash artist in the UK and internationally. Which leaded her build up successful lash business and be award winning lash artist.

Aiste’s credo: “ Level up your lash game until you LASH LIKE A PRO. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

Aiste continues to seek out ways that she can grow professionally and as a person every day and evolve her teaching style based on what she has learnt.

If you want to learn or level up an Art of Lash extensions Aiste is flattered and keen to share Her knowledge. Aiste will help you to follow your dreams and be best at what you do. 

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