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Styling Seminar

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Styling Seminar Recording


Styling Seminar is facilitated by an experienced, award winning lash stylist, world champion Arune Mooney. From years of experience she has developed this easy to follow program to help eyelash artist style their clients and models for eyelash competitions. During seminar you will have an opportunity to develop your skills, knowledge, and build your confidence. 

We program covers: 

- How to analyse persons face features and eyes and what to look for to help choose the best suited styling 
   * Distance between the eyes 
   * Depth of the eyes
   * Shape of the eyes
   * Size of the eyes 
   * Inner and outer corner location
   * Eyebrow position
   * Types of the eyelid
   * Direction of the natural lash growth

- How to adapt to different types of eyes. 

- How to personalise and accent the style

- How to avoid mistakes

- Functions of lash curls and to choose correct curl    

- How to choose correct length and not to overpower the eyes  

- The functions of the styles

- Mapping
   * Natural 
   * Round 
   * Doll
   * Squirrel 
   * Cat/Fox
   * Eyeliner

- Showcase real models with real lashes

Duration: 3h    
Recording Available to rewatch for 28 days
Digital Certificate of Attendance

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