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0.07 Violet Mixed Trays

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COLOUR Collection Lashes


0.07 Violet eyelash extensions are very light in deep dark violet colour with a purple haze, very soft and silky, yet strong and durable, perfect for creating 2D to 6D volume fans.

Colour Collection Lashes are densely attached to 2mm tape, are easy to fan and works well with most lash fanning techniques.
Each strip has foil backing for residue free removal from the palette.

I AM Lash Extensions are made from top quality materials, they are water and heat/freeze resistant, ideal for every day wear.


 Additional Info

- Mixed short length eyelash tray contains 5mm x 4, 6mm x 5 and 7mm x 7. These eyelash extensions are perfect for inner and outer corners of the eye, or bottom eyelash extension application.

- Medium Mixed Length tray contains most popular lengths for smooth top line 6mm x 1, 7mm x 1, 8mm x 3, 9mm x 4, 10mm x 4, 11mm x 3.

- Long Mixed Length tray contains most popular lengths 8mm x 2, 9mm x 2, 10mm x 3, 11mm x 4, 12mm x 3, 13mm x 2.

Available in C, CC, D, L, L+, M curls.