Eyelash Extensions Retention

Eyelash Extension Retention.

When it comes to eyelash extension retention, there are several factors to consider. Eyelash retention can vary from person to person based on the amount of natural lashes, shedding cycles, skin and lash oiliness, and how well aftercare advice is followed.

What is the Key to Good Retention?

The proper lash application is the key to good retention. It is essential to prep natural lashes well, ensuring they are clean and free of any oils or residue. Knowing your products and how to get the most out of them is crucial for achieving long-lasting results.

Why is Proper Application Important?

Properly applied eyelash extensions will adhere well to the natural lashes, ensuring a strong bond that lasts through the natural lash shedding cycle. This means fewer touch-ups and longer-lasting results for your clients.

How to Ensure Good Retention?

By taking the time to properly prepare the natural lashes, selecting the right extensions for each client, and applying them with precision, you can ensure good retention. Educating your clients on proper aftercare and maintenance will also help them prolong the life of their extensions.

Remember, the goal is to have many happy returning clients who love their eyelash extensions. By focusing on proper application techniques and providing excellent aftercare advice, you can achieve great results and build a loyal client base.


Here are some go-to products that will help you achieve the best lash retention possible.

Why is a Foam Cleanser Essential?

Using a foam cleanser is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your eyelash extensions. By removing natural oils and makeup residue, it creates the perfect surface for bonding the extensions to your natural lashes. Plus, the gentle formula is safe for both your lashes and skin, leaving you with a clean canvas for flawless extensions.

How Does Pre-Treatment Help?

Pre-treatment is like the secret weapon for ensuring your lash extensions stay put. By preparing the surface of your natural lashes, it cleanses, moisturises, and preps them for the application of extensions. Say goodbye to premature shedding and hello to long-lasting, beautiful lashes. It truly is the best friend of amazing lash retention!

What Makes Glue Aid a Game-Changer?

Glue Aid is a revolutionary two-in-one product that can take your lash game to the next level. Not only does it optimize the drying speed of lash glue, but it also prevents volume fans from closing up. This means your extensions will stay in place longer, giving you that full and fluttery look you desire. Say goodbye to quick fallout and hello to flawless retention!

Why Pick the Perfect Glue for You?

Select the appropriate eyelash glue for your needs based on your lashing speed and experience. Be mindful of your room conditions as they can influence the drying time and performance of the glue in varying temperatures and humidity levels. Know how to adapt to changing room conditions to ensure your lash glue performs as well as it should. Take the time to understand your products inside out and always check the expiration dates.

  • Drying Time ~1 seconds
  • Medium Consistency 
  • Room Temperature: 18-24 °C
  • Room Humidity: 45-65% 
  • Drying Time 1~2 seconds
  • Medium / Thin Consistency 
  • Room Temperature: 18-24 °C
  • Room Humidity: 35-65% 
  • Drying Time 0.5~1 seconds
  • Medium / Thin Consistency 
  • Room Temperature: 18-24°C (Optimum 20-22 °C)
  • Room Humidity: 30-65% (Optimum 40-55%)
  • Drying Time ~1 seconds
  • Medium Consistency 
  • Room Temperature: 18-24 °C (Optimum 20-22 °C)
  • Room Humidity: 45-65% (Optimum 50-60%)

What Is Master Aftercare?

Aftercare isn't just a suggestion, it's a commandment. Make sure your clients know how to care for their lashes post-application. Avoid oil-based products like the plague, gently cleanse the lashes daily, and for the love of all things fabulous, no rubbing or pulling! Send them off with an aftercare kit filled with all the must-haves to pamper those lash extensions.

By following these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to becoming a lash extension retention guru. So prep those lashes, know your products, master the application, and provide top-notch aftercare advice. Your clients will thank you with fluttery, long-lasting lashes that will have them coming back for more.

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