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Palette Pal

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Palette Pal - Lash Palette Protector 


The Palette Pal is an innovative, light absorbing, cost effective, cling seal. Not only does it keep your eyelash palette clean, it’s special matt finish prevents light reflection. It’s made from a durable material, that can be washed with warm soapy water once properly attached to the palette.

It also has a handy ruler at the base, to keep those fans beautiful and consistent, as all our palettes have.

The Palette Pal is easy to peal off and leaves no residue. And if don’t want to waste time cleaning it, just swap it for a new one.

Attaches perfectly well to all glass and acrylic palettes, and can be removed and replaced several times.

Instructions: Make sure your palette is squeaky clean. Peal the Palette Pal off the liner paper. Place one narrow side corners on the palette. Make sure they are in line. Slowly press with your finger and slide down towards the other side. Don’t rush to avoid air bubbles.

Pack of 2


Glass Palette 6.8cm x 13.8cm

Acrylic Palette 7.3mm x 12.3cm