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Glue Aid

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Glue Aid - Lash Adhesive Solution 


Glue Aid is revolutionary two in one product. It increases the drying speed of eyelash adhesive and also prevents volume fans from closing up. No more waiting for eyelash glue to dry! No more collapsing volume fans! 

Directions to use: Using a fine micro brush, apply a small amount of Glue Aid to the base of eyelash extensions along the strip to decrease drying time. Not to be used on natural lashes! Apply a small amount 1-2mm away from the base to stop fans from closing up. Apply eyelash extensions as usual.

Professional use only.



Additional Info

Ingredients:  EtOH, Poly Ethyl Silicate, Cineole, Isopropul Myristate, Butyl Cyclohexyl Acetate. 

Cautions: Do not use directly on natural lashes. Keep tightly closed when not in use. store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. 

Use within six month after opening.

Glue Aid SDS.