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2 Day Foundation Training

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2 Day Foundation Training in Classic Eyelash Extensions

This is the first eyelash extension training you need to take in order to enter the Eyelash Extensions industry. You will learn how to apply one extension on to each natural lash. 

No previous experience required to attend the course.

I AM Lash Foundation Training is facilitated by an experienced, award winning lash stylist and educator Arune Mooney.

Structure of the course

Small groups of only 3 students allowing to maximise your learning experience.

It is an intensive one day eyelash training course consists of in depth theory, graphics, live demos and also where students will have an opportunity to put all their knowledge into practice, and develop their skills and build their confidence. Student even will be working on their first model!

All the equipment, products and training manuals will be provided on the day the of the training.

After attending the training, students will need to complete three case studies on different models, together with a test to demonstrate that they have understood the theory, within a timescale of three months.

I AM Lash will issue recognised, accredited certificates to students who have successfully completed their training.

In addition, Students will also receive a personal 15% product discount to use at


Learning Objectives 

Health and Safety.

Natural eyelash.

Contra - Indications.

Eye and Skin Conditions.

Contra - Actions.

Record Keeping.

Client Consultation.

Patch Testing.


Allergic Reaction.

Chemical Burn.

Eyelash Extensions (Curl, Thickness, Length).

Guidance Choosing the Lash.

Best Practices for Retention.

Eyelash Cleansing.

Eye Pad Application.


Eyelash Application.

Direction of the Lashes.

Distance from the Eyelid.



Eyelash Aftercare.

Eyelash Removal.

Product Knowledge.



Training schedule


9am - 12.30pm Introduction, induction and theory

12.30pm - 1pm Lunch

1pm - 3.30pm Practice and skill building

3.30pm ~ 7pm Practice on a live model
*Students responsibility bringing their own model, who has to be at least 16 years old and has received a patch test.


9am - 12.30pm Theory

12.30pm - 1pm Lunch

1pm ~ 5pm Practice on a live model


Kit Included

x1 Straight Tweezer
x1 Curved Tweezer
x3 Mixed Length Lash Trays
x1 Classic Adhesive
x1 Jade Stone
x1 Glass Palette
x12 Large Paper Stickers
x10 Pro Eye Pads
x1 Micropore Tape
x20 Micro Brushes
x10 Applicators
x1 Foam Eyelash Cleanser
x Pre-Treatment
x1 Cream Remover
x1 Face Mask
x10 Disposable Eyelash Wands
x10 Aftercare Leaflets
x1 I AM Lash Pen
x4 Practice Sponges

If you are unable to attend the training, you must give at least 14 days before the date of the training. Unfortunately the deposit is non refundable if you cancel without 14 days notice.