What are eyelash extensions made of?

What are eyelash extensions made of?

What are eyelash extensions made of?

Silk V Faux Mink Lashes.

There are a few types of eyelash extensions available. The most popular are silk and faux mink eyelash extensions, both are made from the same material. Silk lashes have a more glossy finish, while Mink lashes have a more semi matte finish. The way eyelash extensions is tapered differs too. Some eyelash extensions have finer and softer tips and some have thicker, bolder ones. Keep in mind, it all differs from brand to brand. 

Real Mink Eyelash Extensions.

We would recommend avoiding all real mink eyelash extensions. Although no animals get hurt in the process, these lashes are impractical, they loose their curl, become straight when its hot or wet, and can also have an odour. These lash extensions may also cause an allergic reaction, as they come from a live animal. 

I AM Lash PRO Vegan Eyelash Extensions. 

I AM Lash lashes are made of top quality PBT synthetic fibre. PBT is a high performance material, which is known for its strength, resistance and flexibility. I AM Lash semi permanent eyelash extensions are created and manufactured to appear as natural as the human natural eyelash.

They are animal cruelty free, soft, elastic and resistant to heat and humidity. They come in variety a of curls, lengths and thicknesses, to create any desired look. They hold their curl well due to a double heated process, which makes our eyelash extensions very durable and clients can enjoy them for weeks.

Another secret about I Am Lash eyelash extensions is the porosity of the fibres. We have carefully chosen from years of experience the fibres that absorb eyelash glue well and adheres to natural lashes well to create a very strong, long lasting bond. 

Smooth Collection Eyelash Extensions.

Our Smooth Collection Lashes have a beautiful silky finish. Treat your clients with our luxury black fibres to give them confidence that will make them feel fabulous. 

We offer variety of eyelash thicknesses 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12 and 0.15. No matter you are creating a subtle natural look using classic eyelash thickness, or thinner volume lashes to create more dense dramatic lash look.

The strip Smooth Collection Lashes are attached to is specially designed wit’s a perfect width and stickiness to make these eyelash extensions are very easy to work with - works well with most eyelash fanning techniques.

If you haven’t found your dream lashes for Russian volume yet, look no further. Our luxury quality volume lashes are the best eyelash extension product for creating the glamorous look your clients will love.

Colour Collection Eyelash Extensions.

A range of beautiful four shades of brown lashes for a more natural, elegant look. Brown lashes are a great option for mature clients and also for clients with lighter skin or hair tones. I AM Lash PRO offers the widest selection of brown colour lashes: 

Autumn brown - warming light brown colour. ⁣
Natural brown - a natural brown colour. ⁣
Rich brown - darker shade of brown colour with a hint of mahogany. ⁣
Deep Brown - black brown in colour. ⁣

Bright multi-coloured lashes are great for fantasy looks or for adding a touch of lash colour to brighten up the clients eyes. Coloured eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular. If your client likes to stand out, colour lashes will most definitely give those clients the attention they deserve with our Violet, Blue or Green eyelash extensions. 

No matter if your choice of eyelash extensions is black, brown or colour, always choose high quality lashes and make those clients of yours standout.

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