The harder I train, the luckier I get.

Eyelash Training Course in Wales

“The harder I train, the luckier I get.”

It’s unclear to whom this quote is originally attributed, but it’s often used in the World of Sport.
When a reporter suggested that he’d had a lucky round of Golf, the famous golfer Tiger Woods is reputed to have replied, “yes, but the harder I train, it seems the luckier I get.”
Loosely translated, what he was saying was. Look, I’ve done all the correct and relevant training. I practice every day, which makes me skilful and confident. The successful end product, has nothing to do with luck, but acquired skill, through training and practice.

Important to pick relevant training for your level of expertise.

This quote can be transferred to any profession, including to those of us in the Lash industry. So, we have established that a successful end product, in our case, consistently perfect and beautiful lashes. It is a result of relevant training and practice. Its important to note the use of the word relevant. It would not be relevant for a complete beginner to enter into a course of training in advanced Volume lashes. It would also make no sense for an experienced lash artist, who needs mentoring, in order to gain success in a prestigious competition, to undergo a beginners course.

Look for inspiration and quality!

I truly believe that, if you are just about to join the incredible world of lashes, or the fascinating land of Volume, choose someone who inspires you, someone who’s passionate about giving you the best start. Don’t search for the cheapest option, search for quality. Enter trainings with case studies, the ones that offer work on a live model, the ones that offer post training support.

You should research well if choosing the online route. You need the guidance to avoid mistakes right from the very beginning. Like it could be as simple as incorrect tweezer hold that could let you down. Online trainings and webinars are great for developing skills and improving theoretical knowledge.

When you are looking to improve your techniques, e.g. a fan making. Look for a lash trainer that works with the same tools and techniques as you. You will only want to learn again from scratch if you are not happy or are uncomfortable with your current way. Otherwise it’s a waste of your precious time that brought you to where you are already.

Just do your homework and search, search well. If you are totally inspired by someone, go for it. You know you want to! Always remember, your goal is not just to do it. Your goal is to be the best.

Arune ♥️