Eyelash Extension Primer V Eyelash Extension Pre-Treatment. Which to use?

Eyelash Extensions Primer.



Creating a longer lasting eyelash extensions can be hard, but it is doable with a good eyelash extension preparation products. How does eyelash pre-treatment and lash primer work, which and how do you use to help your eyelash extensions last better.


Why do we need to use eyelash primer and eyelash pre-treatment?

Without these type of products when you try to attach lash extension to a not thoroughly cleansed and prepared natural lashes, the eyelash glue will stick to the oil or dirt particles instead of the surface of the natural lashes. Unfortunately, this will reduce retention of your beautiful work.


What is Eyelash Pre-Treatment for?

Eyelash extension Pre-Treatment cleanses, prepares and moisturises natural lashes. By taking away natural oils and make up residue it creates a perfect surface for bonding eyelash extensions to natural lashes. Recommended to use before each eyelash extensions application after foam cleanser. Eyelash pre-treatments gentle formula allows it to be used on all types of natural lashes without dehydration and making the hairs brittle. Best friend of an amazing lash extensions retention!


What is Eyelash Extensions Primer for?

Eyelash extension Primer helps to thoroughly remove excess oils, dirt and makeup residues from natural lashes, helps to create a stronger bond for eyelash glue, especially works well for clients who have oily natural lashes. Have you ever had a client that you put eyelash extensions on, but no matter what you do they keep on brushing off? Well you found the solution to this problem. Eyelash primer creates less slippery surface for better and also faster eyelash extensions attachment.  


We, eyelash artists, wish to create beautiful and long lasting eyelash extensions that our clients love wearing every day. Natural eyelash preparation is a key not only to an amazing eyelash extensions retention, it also helps to achieve clean, healthy and beautifully smooth lash application.


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